Costa Rica Yoga & Pilates Retreat, February 2020

Focus Inward: Focus Forward

This 6-night, 7-day adventure will include daily Bikram yoga and hot pilates classes, curated workshops, and delicious, daily meals including amazing fruit and coffee from Costa Rica! 
Focus inward through daily physical practice, delicious nutritional meals, meditation, pranayama breathing sessions, nature walks, and lovingly saying goodbye to 2019!
Focus forward through daily physical practice, posture workshops, making lasting connections with others, observing the beauty of birds and other natural wildlife, and empowering intention-setting workshops. *Other optional activities are available. Ex. surf lessons, bike riding through town, SUP, zip-lining, and more.
The retreat is within walking distance from Jaco Beach, a world-class surfing location and one of the best coffee cafes in the world!
Embrace the new year and experience a deeper level of personal connection with self and others.  (Get ready to have an amazing time!!!)
Main Focus of the retreat: To take care of yourself by taking time for yourself. Too many of us are overworked and we don’t know how to relax. When we anchor in our reconnection to self we can anchor in on connection to others that we can apply at the retreat and life back home. Many of us have also forgotten what it’s like to feel joy because we’re so damn busy all of the time!
The workshops will be on personal visioning for 2020 and then anchoring it in. Posture workshops as well. In such an intimate setting there is also time to talk about yoga and do 1:1 sessions for specific posture help.
The most magical part is creating the cocoon that all participants will be in. It’s truly an opportunity to disconnect from everything outside and make new friends.
Docelunas is a 20-room boutique hotel so we have the added advantage of having only our group there. We have a group chef who will cook delicious fresh cuisine and some of the most amazing tropical fruit there is!
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