Try your FREE West Coast Sweat Hot Pilates Class!

Practice along with Cindy as Lili teaches!

Hot Pilates classes will help you:

  • Build your core and full body strength
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Stay active and healthy

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How to practice with us Virtually

  1. Using your app or our website, book your class like you normally do. (Right here on the website!)
  2. Then be sure to download the zoom app in advance. (It’s free!)
  3. Be sure to book the class at least 10 minutes before class start time.
  4. (5 minutes) before the class start you will be emailed a link to join in.
  5. Grab a small space heater and humidifier if you’ve got them, your mat and water and get ready for class as you normally would. Even “get to class” early so you can virtually say hi to other yogis and take some quiet savasana time before class starts!
  6. All current class packages and memberships work for all virtual classes.