Think this looks easy?

Think this looks easy?When was your first class and why did you take it?

I started taking Bikram classes in the summer of 2015 because I wanted to challenge my body, get in shape, stay healthy, and feel good overall. Beforehand, I had started doing yoga by watching YouTube video tutorials, and after a while, I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted to find something more challenging and difficult to face, and through acquaintances, I heard about West Coast Sweat, so I decided why not, signed up with the trial, and found myself absolutely loving it.

What was your experience and why did you come back for the second?

Of course, it took me a while to get used to the heat and push my body to perform the different postures correctly, but I found myself coming back because of the challenge it presented.

What have you learned about your body that you didn’t know or surprised you? I didn’t know how flexible it was! You never know your potential until you actually do something that pushes you like never before. Thats what Bikram did. There are still some areas that need work, such as the backs of my legs, but I never knew the strength and flexibility my body was capable of until I started taking classes.

What would you like to still discover?

How far my body can be pushed: to challenge its strength, its flexibility, and its endurance.

Greatest benefit physically and or emotionally?

My body is more toned and fit then it has been in a very long time. I definitely feel healthier and stronger, and quite honestly, I like the fact that I can see those muscles in my arms now rather than only my legs. Emotionally, I feel so much better and more confident in myself. My self-esteem has definitely gone up ever since I started…

Easiest posture and why?

I think all postures have a degree of difficulty to them, but I would say that the easiest posture for me would have to be Ardha-Matsyendrasana, (Spine twist) because of the flexibility in my back. Even now, I’m trying to push my body to twist even further.

Most challenging posture and why?

Hands down the hardest posture for me is Supta-Vajrasana (Fixed firm pose). Anything that has to do with putting pressure on my left knee is very hard for me to do because of two injuries I sustained during my days playing soccer. Only now am I able to fully lie all the way back, and that’s after I take the moment to fully adjust my knees and slowly work my way into the posture.

And the journey continues…


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