Hot Pilates: IHP with Abbey

We understand it can be tough creating a new vision of what being healthy feels like, especially being home bound and navigating through this current time, which is why we meet students where they are, empower them to do what they can, and support them in receiving what they need.

Inferno Hot Pilates will help you tap into what you want to create in your body, and feel successful, confident, and strong through through every season and stage of your life.

IHP is a low-impact, high-intensity, interval-training class based on Pilates principles. IHP is kind on the joints, and every exercise we do includes the core, so there will be some serious stomach muscle, glute, and pelvic floor activation for sure! 🍑

More importantly, when you take an IHP class, you really get in tune with what you want to create in your body and with your health, and you feel good for all the reasons you can think of. With every class, you, like me, will see new possibilities for your health from here on out. The moves are simple and doable, but not necessarily easy!

Roll out your mat, fire up a heater if you’ve got one, and join Abby in this hour of fun!
Wanna rock out with us? This is the playlist for class. Abby will let you know when to press “Play!”



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