Learnings: Bikram Yoga Eagle Pose

There is a LOT going on in Eagle pose: arms, elbows, knees, shoulders, hips, the list goes on! No wonder this power pose is loaded with benefits! 💪🏼

⭐️ Strengthens and stretches sciatic nerve: any injury or restriction in the sciatic nerve can be helped with Eagle pose as it creates a long stretch in the backside of the body. Irritation in this area of the body can be eased by practicing Eagle.

⭐️ Improves flexibility in 14 of the major joints in the skeletal system: Eagle access all 14 joints to work them all at the same time.

⭐️ Relieves tension in the upper body: With the arms out in front, activated and pulling forward and down, the backside of the neck and shoulders can find release from the tension that can build up.

Eagle creates tension within the body which then provides ease and release in those areas. Goodbye tension, hello ease!

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