Learnings: Bikram Yoga Standing Head to Knee

The “Mother of all Postures”, as we like to call it, Standing Head to Knee requires tremendous concentration. We are balancing on one foot, engaging the legs, shoulders, and abs all at once with a focused breath.

Some benefits of this posture:

🔥 Builds strength and tightens the thigh, feet, and abdominal muscles as well as the muscles of the ankles. All of these areas are fully engaged and working in the posture, creating stronger and more flexible muscles.

🔥 Pulling back the toes on the extended leg improves flexibility and elasticity in the hamstring muscles. It’s one of the best postures to lengthen and extend the hamstrings.

🔥 Great concentration is needed in this posture; you concentrate on your breath, alignment, and muscle engagement while maintaining balance. This concentration will develop into determination in your pose as you hold for time.

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