Posture Tutorial – BIKRAM SIT UP – Bikram Yoga

Eight Times! We have eight times in your Bikram class to give so much attention to your core with the powerful Sit Up. Our core muscles support our entire body, so postures that build strong core muscles, like the Sit Up, are a MUST for all of us.

Here’s how to get your strongest Sit Up in class:
🔥 Begin with flexed feet, heels are towards the wall, and toes face back towards your face.
🔥 Lock your knees and engage your thighs.
🔥 Bring your arms overhead. Place the palms together, with thumbs crossed.
🔥 Tuck your chin slightly.
🔥 Inhale, keep your feet flexed and engage your core. (this is 🔑!)
🔥 Exhale, sit up. Double jerk, forehead comes to your knees, and elbows come to the floor.
🔥 Come back down and repeat.

Engage and build that beautiful and powerful core!

This posture is from a powerful and therapeutic yoga series also referred to as 26 & 2, Original Hot Yoga or the Bikram Yoga Method.



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