Yin & Meditate: Yin Yoga and Meditation with Vidya

Given all of the shifts happening locally and globally, some of us are feeling a bit lost, in fear, and out of routine.

In the practice of Yin Yoga the student works to surrender to long-held poses which then help to deeply release the connective tissues, hips and spine. Students are guided to find their appropriate edge while holding poses and finding stillness.

Through this process and class the student can feel more grounded, a deeper sense and feeling of “release” and the hope of possibility.

Meditation can be a powerful practice to stay grounded given all of the shifts happening currently.
Tap into the possibility to connect to your peak potential and power of this unique situation we find ourselves in.
The cue from the universe is for us to nurture our connection to our soul and spirit now more than ever. Spending time being quiet is not something most of us are used to but with continued practice we’ll be able to let go of the resistance to being silent and transform into a new way of being.
Most importantly, we’ll begin to see the wisdom in allowing and being open to new experiences as a way to grow to our newest and best potential

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