You Light up My Life,
Inferno Hot Pilates!

Have you noticed Inferno Hot Pilates classes on our schedule? You’re probably wondering, “Hmm, are these the same Hot Pilates classes, or something different?”

Confession time: I love Bikram Yoga. I mean, I absolutely LOVE Bikram Yoga. It’s my jam. It challenges me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And it literally saved my life.

As you all know, as a studio we are clear on what we do. We’re a Bikram yoga studio. I’ve fiercely protected this and have worked to make sure we’re experts teaching this magic.

When I took my first Inferno Hot Pilates class, I knew instantly I had met what would be a super strong companion for our therapeutic hot yoga practice. Inferno Hot Pilates (also known as IHP), is a low-impact, high-intensity, interval-training class based on Pilates principles. IHP is kind on the joints, and every exercise we do includes the core, so there will be some serious stomach muscle, glute, and pelvic floor activation for sure!

The first half of the class is known as the floor series, where we do bridges, abdominal, side, and prone work. The second half of class is known as the standing series and is the high-intensity and deep juice in the class. In the standing series, you, the student, are working towards complete muscle failure!

Yes, you read that right. This philosophy challenges you to work your hardest in every set and every second, and without pacing. When you do this, scientifically, you achieve complete EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) commonly known as afterburn. Afterburn is when your body works so hard in a set of moves that you continue to burn calories even hours after the workout is done. The harder you work, the harder your body has to work to come to homeostasis (even up to 36 hours!).

IHP has totally strengthened my yoga practice.

I’ve discovered my grip strength from forearm planks helps me in Standing Head to Knee, Bow, and Standing Bow, to name a few. Since having an emergency C-section, I have been challenged with deeper stomach-muscle contraction. Oftentimes, I would get muscle cramps (like a charley horse) in forward-compression poses like SHTK and Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, to name a few. Since practicing IHP, I have a deeper connection to contracting my abdominal muscles, and I haven’t had one cramp in class. Also, I’m more aware when I lock my knee, and honestly, IHP has strengthened my abilities as a Bikram yoga teacher: I show up with increased energy, and the ability to connect to the class, and my students, on a way deeper level. I really love teaching Bikram Yoga now more than ever.

IHP has helped my body.

Being a former collegiate athlete and dancer, I have a few miles on this wonderful body of mine. Bikram Yoga heals my lower back pain. With the intense core-muscle focus in IHP, and thanks to the bridge series which activates the glutes, I have two more superpowers at play to heal and, on most days, eliminate my lower back pain altogether! And, I feel like I’m in college again, training as an athlete. I feel sharper, and have the ability to make prompt decisions. Rugby, (which I played), is a moving game, so you have to make decisions quickly and then promptly commit. The tabatas in IHP come quickly, and with 20 seconds, I’m reminded to make a decision promptly and commit!

Okay, this may be TMI, but it’s the truth, for sure. Since having a child, I often get a “surprise” in my pants when I cough and sneeze. Yes, you get it. Can I get a shout-out from all the mamas out there?!
Strengthening my pelvic floor in IHP has been amazing, and thankfully, the “surprises” come less and less frequently.

Here’s a little Core 101. Your core muscles are:
Front abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis);
The muscles along the side of your body (internal and external obliques);
A super deep muscle that wraps around the front (transverse abdominus);
The muscles in your back that run along your spine between your spine bones (erector spinae and multifidi);
The diaphragm and muscles of the pelvic floor;
Gluteal muscles which work as a team of three: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

Best of all, imho? Inferno Hot Pilates will help you tap into what you want to create in your body, and feel successful, confident, and even like a badass at every stage and season of your life. You so light up my life, Inferno Hot Pilates!

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  1. da-AL

    Bikram 90 minute workouts are always the cornerstone of my fitness — & indeed, I love how Inferno Pilates fills in any gaps in my routine. Great points, Rosa. Your professionalism & passion are everything to this wonderful studio!

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